Absence of Prescence

I haven’t bothered posting or checking anything here lately, but nothing (much) has been going on. School starts soon, sadly. The school in which I attend is trying to incorporate technology more. Now a rant about keyboards. THE SLASH KEY SHOULDN’T BE NEAR THE BACKSPACE. Now something not in caps. (OOPS I LIED.) I am typing this on a silicone keyboard that can be rolled up and is completely sealed. (So it can be washed.) Now back on topic. Today I got two new keyboards. This one, and another one that i miniature and has a track pad on it. These are for my raspberry pi. This is the final piece in my own device to be used for school. Quite random this has been. Goodbye.

Edit: forgot to mention the key dedicated to waking your computer up. It’s labeled ‘Wake Up’.

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