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Dwarf Fortress

Hello.. First, since last post about ham, I have gotten 91 ham comments.. (Yes, I am refraining from using the name of your very favorite meat in a can)

I have started playing Dwarf Fortress (Free).  I have enjoyed it (Since I figured out how to make stairs… But that’s another story.) The graphics (ASCII, but I have used a tileset (A custom font made specially for the purpose) most of the time) are interesting, especially the ASCII movies. So far, I have been successful (Except for the stairs (And is there a way to remove downward stairs?)) I have only lost one dwarf (Not my fault, the stairs.)


My parents and their friends are looking to start a blog or some kind of website.. They still haven’t decided on a name for it, but they think they are “cool.” Are they? Hmm. No. (Just kidding!) Anyways, The computer I’m writing from has some problems, because every 5 seconds that I try to play minecraft on it, it freezes, or gives me a black screen. Sad 🙁