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No Hikes Today!

Yesterday, we went on a hike at RMNP. We also went up to the Alpine Visitor Center. It took longer to get down than it did to go up because we left earlier than everybody else that visited the park. We had fun on the .8+ mile hike. (P.S. the plus means we did a little more than the actual trail) Bye!

Mountains and Rivers

Hi, yesterday and the day before I was really bored in the car, But today I got to go for a hike after arriving late last night at our friend’s cabin for dinner. There’s a nice river that actually flows out in front of the cabin unlike at home. We got to go for a hike just before I wrote this. There is a overlook that we got to and decided not to hike up the peak. I’m not sure what to do, but I will be writing here.


Mother's Day

You should honor your mother on Mother’s Day because your mother loves you and takes care of you. Your mother helped make you happy when you are sad, and took care of you when you were hurt. She would encourage you when you are feeling down, and helped you when you need help. When you thank your mother, it tells her how much you appreciate her effort to take care of you.