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String Theory and SimSimi and Mini (Cross) Bow

I said “String Theory” to SimSimi (The personal chat robot) and it said:

String Theory is an active research framework that attempts to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity. And you thought I didn’t know that…. my IQ’s much higher than yours pal! 😛

I then said “Orly?” and he said “Yes really.” I said “I don’t believe that” and he said “to see is to believe” I said “I don’t see that” and he replied “Did you check the cupboards?” He can be really funny..
Also, a kid named Aidan (Not Aidan K, my friend) who was selling mini bow kits. I put it together last night, and it really works well! Thank you Aidan! It shoots across the room, but works better as a crossbow, for a place to rest the arrow on to shoot it.