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Last night we went to plutopia again. They had some really cool prototypes/future products there.

One, called Sphero, was a robotic ball controlled by a smartphone. I got to drive it around a bit. Currently, they only have prototypes. The ball was fun to drive.

Here are some pictures of the ball:









Sphero’s website is here.


Another cool thing I saw were Sifteo.

Sifteo are little cubes that are controlled by a computer and play games. They know what edge of what other Sifteo they are touching. These are closer to release, and you now can sign up for the early access program.

Here are some pictures of Sifteos:

Here is their website.


The Edge of Imagination Station was an interactive chalkboard stop motion animation station. You could make an animation with chalk. I made a spiral that made itself then a piece of chalk ate the spiral from the inside out. Their website is here.

Here are my pictures:


Someone from U.T. came to show his soccer robots, but the robots didn’t make it so he showed his computer program that you could teach tetris. I came back too late to get pictures of the computer playing tetris, but instead they were playing videos of the soccer robots.

Here are some pictures of the videos:


Some random things were:

Someone (I don’t know who) had a motion capturing screen. A webcam sensed motion and the screen displayed a figure moving. Here are the pictures:


Another random thing was singing plants. If you tickle them they would chirp like birds.

Here are my photos:


Plutopia’s website is here.