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Infinity Residence

Recently (Like, 2 days ago,) I published the Infinity Residence website to the web (7Katz.com.) You can go check it out while I pointlessly explain what it is about/for. In ACE we had an architecture/surface area project, where we had to design and make a building out of Foam core. Since my friends and I were in GT we didn’t have as much time as everyone else. We still finished, though. John was mostly responsible for the main idea of the design. (And PLEASE forgive me if I am a little off on something) Though, I brought up the courtyard idea. Aidan built the model in Minecraft, and I help him (A little, though I mostly worked on the fine details.) Ried was in charge of the landscaping on the final model. Visit www.infinity.7katz.com to view my website for it. (I built the website on my own time, and some links are broken due to my poor development of the website)