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Have a Happy Thanksgiving

Hello, and first, I’m going to wish you a happy Thanksgiving (Hope that’s correct) and have a good time on the holiday! Next, about Minecraft 1.0.0, I’m happy about it, but I have to wait for Bukkit to update, and if the rumor about Friday updates is true, then it will be HOPELESS!! (Unless there is an auto updater) And I will get some more pictures of Dallas out soon. our team, in case I haven’t mentioned it is called TigerRobotics, and there was a team from the A&M High School called Tiger Robotics. It was funny, because on Friday night, most of our team did the Thriller.

[cp_youtube id=”sh18qXvoz8M” points=”10″]


[cp_youtube id=”5pDz-StqXcI” points=”10″]


I wasn’t doing it, but I was right behind the people dancing for the Thriller. BTW, the DJ rick rolled us all right as I was leaving.