About Me

I am a human being from the planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy. If you don’t understand what either of these are then read this. If you STILL don’t understand, then look it up yourself (And if you don’t know what Google is then I can’t help you.)

Note: “this” the link is really two separate links, so click both.

Note: The above is obviously just a joke, so read down below.

More Serious Version:
I am a kid who likes computers, websites, and making websites/graphical design (Though I am not good at it…) I did make the background image on this page, though it took me about 5-10 minutes to find out how to do it without drawing every single line.

I like HTML, though I am not all that good at it, and making websites. One example: here. That was for a school project.

Yes I am very smart, as I self taught HTML to myself in a lot of spare time, and I had none (If any) training on This website, that website, or many of the ones I have made.

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